How to install Jenkins on Amazon Linux EC2 Machine

Step 1 : Update your EC2 instance machine

					sudo yum update


Step 2 : Add the Jenkins repo using the following command

					sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/jenkins.repo \
    • Import a key file from Jenkins-CI to enable installation from the package:

					sudo rpm --import


Step 3 : Now install java on your ec2 instance/machine

					sudo amazon-linux-extras install java-openjdk11

Step 4 : Now install epel library

					sudo amazon-linux-extras install epel


Step 5 : Now install daemonize library

					sudo yum install daemonize -y  


Step 6 : Now install jenkins application

					sudo yum install jenkins -y  


Step 7 : Now reload the service

					sudo systemctl daemon-reload


Step 8 : Now start the jenkins server

					sudo systemctl start jenkins


Step 9 : Make sure to open 8080 port in jenkins security group.


Step 10 : Now go to your browser and enter <your instance public ip address>:8080 (eg. ) in the new tab.

Step 11 : Now you have to hit below command to get the admin password password

					sudo cat /var/lib/jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword


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